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Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by a number of different factors. If you have been affected by one of the following.

  • Hole in your ceiling
  • Toilet that has overflown
  • Malfunction with your washer
  • Broken water line
  • Faulty connection to the water dispenser/ice maker on your refrigerator

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We are fully prepared to extract all water and begin ventilation and dehumidification of all rooms damaged. If you are experiencing water damage, it is important to call an experienced water damage expert as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Step 1 Remove all standing water with wet vacuums and pumps. Set dehumidification machines and position variable intensity blower fans. Hand-dry all remaining surfaces.
Step 2 Carpets and padding are pulled up. High intensity blower fans are positioned under salvageable carpeting for proper ventilation. Hard floors are dried completely.

Important documents, works of art, furniture, draperies, computers, appliances and other electronic equipment are thoroughly dried and brought back to pre-damage conditions wherever possible. We can store these items onsite or at our warehouse.
Step 3 Technicians trained in the latest techniques will remove airborne particles, mildew, mold and odor caused by excessive moisture. Ozone machines will be placed for air purification. The site is decontaminated and disinfected to kill bacteria resulting from organic waste with specially formulated antimicrobial solutions.
Step 4

Thermal imaging cameras and mold testing reports are used to determine which walls needs to be removed and which surfaces need to be replaced.

We will perform any necessary repair work such as...

  • Baseboard Removal & Replacement
  • Drywall Removal & Replacement
  • Carpentry & Trim Replacement
  • Wood Flooring Replacement
  • Carpet Replacement
  • Painting
Step 5 After all repairs are made. We return all of your household items such as furniture, lamps, electronics, and appliances. Everything just as it was before the damage occurred.

Speed and Precision

If action is taken quickly enough and the water/moisture damage is managed properly with a controlled drying process the entire project will proceed faster, thus getting the occupant or business back to a pre-damaged state quicker.


No matter how large or small, water damage presents problems that, if left untreated, can harm your property and your health. Our skilled staff is trained and experienced in reacting quickly and resourcefully to any type of flood or water problem. Our immediate response and proven damage control tactics ensure that we stop additional damage before it starts.

We have several high strength water extractor machines equipped with high-power suction wands and upholstery attachments. Dozens of commercial grade dehumidifiers and over 50 variable-intensity blower fans.
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If action is taken swiftly, our machines combined with our expert skill and knowledge can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. We believe that drying out is better tearing out and we make every attempt possible to achieve this expectation.

We are fully equipped to provide the following services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...

24/7 Emergency Services Water Damage Restoration Storm Damage Mold Testing Fire Damage
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