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Post Grout Sinkhole Remodeling


Sinkholes are a common, naturally occurring geologic feature and one of the predominant landforms in Florida, where they pose hazards to property and the environment. Although many new sinkholes develop naturally, in west-central florida and elsewhere, their increasing frequency corresponds to the accelerated development of ground-water and land resources. Usually little more than a nuisance, new sinkholes can sometimes cause substantial property damage and structural problems for buildings and driveways.

Most of Florida is prone to sinkhole formation because it is under-lain by thick carbonate deposits that are susceptible to dissolution by circulating into and out of storage in the carbonate aquifers which are some of the most productive in the nation. If you suspect you have encountered a sinkhole give us a call as soon as possible.

   If A Sinkhole Occurs on Your Property   

If a sinkhole does occur on your property, the safety of yourself and your family is the number one priority. The first thing you should do is carefully inspect the area and markoff the sinkhole area with tape and signage to warn others. Evacuate the area if necessary. Next, Notify your insurance company and the building department of your municipality. Then call Greg Henry, Inc. to help you assess the damage. Under no circumstances should you try to fill the hole yourself. Sinkholes are a direct route to the underground water supply below. By filling the hole with compost or trash, you can easily contaminate your water supply.

   Sinkhole Repair Process    

Step 1 Inspection by Structural Engineer to verify the current stability of your foundation.
Step 2 If a sinkhole is discovered then appropriate foundation repair or foundation stabilization techniques will be discussed to ensure the foundation is returned to a stable condition.
Step 3

After the foundation has been stabalized. Greg Henry, Inc. will communicate on your behalf with your insurance company to ensure they provide as much compensation as possible to repair all external and internal damages caused by the sinkhole. Such as

  • Cracks in Foundations, Pools, and Driveways
  • Leaks Caused by Foundation Movement
  • Floor Leveling
  • Door Adjustments
  • Window Replacement
  • Wood Flooring Replacement
  • Fencing
  • Yard & Landscaping Repair
  • Furniture Removal
  • Epoxy Repair of Cracks
  • Floor and Wall Repair
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Carpentry, Drywall & Plaster Work
  • Masonry and Stucco
  • Carpet, Vinyl & Wood Removal & Installation
  • Wallpaper Removal & Installation
  • Painting Interior & Exterior
  • Ceramic Tile Removal & Installation
  • Household Pack-Out & Content Cleaning
  • Mobile Climate Control Units for On Site Storage
Step 4

After we begin the restoration process we handle all aspects of all home rennovation, remodeling, restoration or building and we contact all sub-contractors necessary to complete the job from start to finish.

Our professional staff will ensure that all of your material items and property are properly protected and safely stored either onsite, within one of our portable storage units, or at our warehouse.

Not only will we contact all of the personnel needed for your unique project, we will also hold them accountable for the professional quality of the work they perform on your residence or business.

Step 5 After all repairs are made. We return all of your household items such as furniture, lamps, electronics, and appliances. Everything just as it was before the damage occurred.

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